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Subtitles:English (only Ausflug ins Gebirg)

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Retrospektive Stadtkino Basel 1.-31. Mai 2006


Théâtre de l'Espérance Peter Liechti (1987, 19')
These days, such topics as world peace, armament and disarmament have become timeworn, rendering the pictures seen on television and in newspapers commonplace. Fully aware of this fact, I set out - not without zeal - to bring forward once again the well-worn images of the summit talks between Reagan and Gorbachev in Geneva.
Tauwetter Peter Liechti (1987, 8')
During the spring thaw, when the hills in Appenze11 are clad in a patchwork of green and white, buckets filled with water glide slowly up and down the slope. The gentle movement ultimately becomes a tumultuous cadence. Shots are fired, riddling the buckets with bullet holes.
Ausflug ins Gebirg Peter Liechti (1986, 33')
While on vacation, a man takes an excursion to an unfamiliar neighbouring country. There, in the alpine confinement, he finds an ideal echo for the rage he had brought with him: rage towards the mountains, civilisation and mentality. At times, a sense of glee even surfaces with this unbridled rage.
Senkrecht - Waagrecht Peter Liechti (1985, 7')
The sequences of movement and the plots in Roman Signer’s action sculptures can be viewed as sculptures of space and time. The directions of movement in these documents proceed in a markedly contrasting fashion. Hence, the film is called: “Vertical/Horizontal”.

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